Society of Colonial Wars

in the State of Ohio

Ohio Society of Colonial Wars
:: Some Qualifying Ancestors
Ancestors Last Name Ancestors Name
Anderson Robert Anderson
Avery James Avery
Bennett Governor Richard Bennett
Biggs Lieutenant John Biggs
Bissell Captain John Bissell
Brewster Elder William Brewster
Brewster Governor William Brewster
Brown Samuel Brown
Bruen Obadiah Bruen
Buckland Thomas Buckland
Buckley Major Peter Buckley
Bushnell Ens. William Bushnell
Bushnell Sr. Richard Bushnell Sr.
Campbell Colonel Arthur Campbell
Cargil Captain John Cargil
Catlett John Catlett
Chase Thomas Chase
Chatfield Daniel Chatfield
Clagett Captain Thomas Clagett
Clarke Captain John Clarke
Clarke Lieutenant William Clarke
Cleveland Josiah Cleveland
Clypoole Judge James Clypoole
Comee David Comee
Cooke, Sr. Major Arron Cooke, Sr.
Cooper Lieutenant Leonard Cooper
Crane Captain Henry Crane
Crane Colonel John Crane
Crawford Colonel William Crawford
Curtis John Curtis
Day John Day
DeVos Andries DeVos
Dorsey, II Colonel Edward Dorsey, II
Doyne Robert Doyne
Dudley Governor Thomas Dudley
Ely, III Captain Richard Ely, III
Foote Nathaniel Foote
Freshwater Thomas Freshwater
Frost John Frost
Goodman Richard Goodman
Goodrich Colonel David Goodrich
Gorham Captain John Gorham
Gorton Samuel Gorton
Greene Governor William Greene
Hall Lieutenant George Hall
Hawley Captain John Hawley
Holden Justinian Holden
Holyoke Captain Elizur Holyoke
Hope Lieutenant Thomas Hope
Howe Sr. John Howe Sr.
Howland John Howland
Huntington Colonel Jedediah Huntington
Jordan II Thomas Jordan II
Jordan, Sr. Thomas Jordan, Sr.
Ladd Daniel Ladd
Lee Colonel Richard Henry Lee
Lee Ensign Thomas Lee
Lewis Brig. General Andrew Lewis
Looker William Looker
Lord William Lord
Macy Thomas Macy
Maltby Jonathan Maltby
Martin Colonel John Martin
Marvin Captain Reynold Marvin
Marvin Lieutenant Samuel Marvin
Marvin, Jr Lieutenant Reinold Marvin, Jr
McClure John McClure
McDowell Colonel John McDowell
McFarland Captain Daniel McFarland
Moore Reverand John Moore
Pearson Captain John Pearson
Peaslee Captain Nathaniel Peaslee
Peaslee Colonel Nathaniel Peaslee
Peck Deacon William Peck
Perin Ensign Jesse Perin
Pope Captain Seth Pope
Pugh Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Pugh
Randolph Lieutenant Colonel William
Raymond William Raymond
Sanford Thomas Sanford
Sargent Epes Sargent
Schuyler CaptainPhillip Pieterse Schuyler
Selden, Jr. Colonel Samuel Selden, Jr.
Sill Captain Joseph Sill
Smith Governor Thomas Smith
Soule George Soule
Spotswood Governor Alexander Spotswood
Staltonstall Governor Gordon Staltonstall
Stephenson Captain James Stephenson
Strong Elder John Strong
Sutton Richard Sutton
Swift William Swift
Talcott Captain Samuel Talcott
Taylor James Taylor
Taylor John Taylor
Temple Abraham Temple
Thompson William Thompson
Tillman Roger Tillman
Torry Captain William Torry
Torry Lieutenant Josiah Torry
Tower John Tower
Tripp Caleb Tripp
Tucker Captain Stephen Tucker
Tucker Robert Tucker
Van Bibber Peter Van Bibber Jr.
Vance Major William Vance
Wadsworth Captain Joseph Wadsworth
Ward Colonel Andrew Ward
Ward Governor Andrew Ward
Ward Major General Artemas Ward
Warner William Warner
Warren Richard Warren
Watmough Captain Edmund Watmough
Welles Governor Thomas Welles
Wellington Benjamin Wellington
Winship Lieutenant Edward Winship
Woodward Ezekiel Woodward
Worthen Ezekiel Worthen
Wright Thomas Wright
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