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1688 - 1697

   ||    King William's War AKA the Second Indian War, Father Baudoin's War, or Castin's War   ||    England and Natives vs. France and Natives

(Part of the Nine Years war, AKA War of the Grand Alliance and War of the League of Augsburg)

King William's War was fought between England, France, and their respective American Indian allies in the colonies of Canada (New France), Acadia, and New England.

Aug. 5, 1689Lachine Massacre
 1,500 Mohawk warriors attacked by surprise the small, 375-inhabitant, settlement of Lachine, New France at the upper end of Montreal Island on the morning of August 5, 1689. The attack was precipitated by growing Iroquois dissatisfaction with the increased French incursions into their territory, and was encouraged by the settlers of New England as a way to leverage power against New France during King William's War.
 In their attack, the Mohawk destroyed a substantial portion of the Lachine settlement by fire and killed or captured numerous inhabitants, although historic sources have varied widely in estimates of the number killed, from 24 to 250.
Feb. 8, 1690Schenectady Massacre
 A Canadian attack against the village of Schenectady in the colony of New York.A party of more than 200 Canadians and allied Mohawk nation, Sault and Algonquin warriors attacked the unguarded community, destroying most of the homes, and killing or capturing most of its inhabitants. It was in retaliation to the Lachine massacre.
May 11, 1690Capture of Port Royal
 Provincial expedition commanded by Sir William Phips takes Port Royal, capital of Acadia.
May. 16-20, 1690Battle of Fort Loyal
 A successful siege of a English fort by French and Native troops, allowing unimpeded attacks on the New Hampshire frontier by French and Native forces
Oct. 23, 1690French successfully defend Quebec
 Count Frontenac, Governor of New France, successfully repels Phip's attempt to seize Quebec.
Jan. 24, 1692Candlemas Massacre, AKA the Raid on York
 Chief Madockawando and Father Louis-Pierre Thury led 200-300 natives into the town of York (now in the state of Maine), killing about 100 of the English settlers and burning down buildings, taking another estimated 80 villagers hostage.
Feb. 1692The Mohawk Valley Raid
 This raid, by French and Native warriors under the overall command of Nicolas d'Ailleboust de Manthet destroyed three Mohawk villages and critical stores of food located in the Mohawk River valley. The Mohawk were seriously weakened as a military force within the Iroquois league, and the raid's effects contributed to the 1701 peace negotiated between the Iroquois, French, and many other tribes.
Sept. 30, 1697Treaty of Ryswick
 Ends the war with England and returns Port Royal to France, but the twined Beaver war with the Iroquois continues due to France's claims of dominion, until the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701.
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