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1754 - 1763

   ||    French and Indian War   ||    Great Britain and its native allies vs. France and its native allies

(Part of the Seven Years War, 1756-1763)

June 19, 1755 Capture of Fort Beausejour
  Fort Beausejour, in Nova Scotia, is captured by British and Provincial troops under Colonels Robert Monckton and John Winslow.
July 1755 Draper's Meadow massacre
  a small outpost in southwest Virginia, at the present day Blacksburg, was raided by a group of Shawnee Native warriors, who killed at least five people including an infant child and captured five more. The Natives traveled back with their hostages to a Shawnee village in Kentucky. One of the captives, Mary Draper Ingles later escaped and returned home on foot through the wilderness.
Sept. 8, 1755 Battle of Lake George
  Sir William Johnson successfully repels French forces commanded by Ludwig August, Baron von Dieskau.
Aug. 1757 Fort William Henry Massacre
  Following the fall of Fort William Henry, between 70 and 180 British and colonial prisoners are killed by Native allies of the French.
July 26, 1758 Capture of Louisberg
  Amphibious expedition commanded by General Sir Jeffrey Amherst and Admiral Edward Boscawen captures Louisbourg the second and final time.
Sept. 13, 1759 End of the siege of Quebec
  British siege of Quebec ends in victory when Major General James Wolfe defeats Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham.
Sept. 8, 1760 Capture of Montreal and Canada
  British take Montreal; Pierre de Cavagnal de Vaudreuil, Governor of New France, surrenders the whole of Canada.
Feb. 10, 1763 Treaty of Paris
  Ending the Seven Years War and making Britain the supreme power in North America.

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