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This is the newsletter of the Ohio Society, published several times a year.

Colonial Trilogy

The Ohio Society has published eight volumes of their Colonial Trilogy since 1972.

This publication contains essays on the Colonial Period, obtained from talks at the various Ohio courts, and winners from our essay contests.

Volume 1

1972Title - Preface 


 Lord Dunmore's WarProf. Michael J. Voris


 The Colonial CollegesDr. Phillip R. Shriver


 Howland's RelationFrank G. Davis, Esq.

Volume 2

1974Title - Preface 


 Why We Are Free - Our English HeritageDr. W. Frank Steely


 A Skeleton in Ohio's Backwoods ClosetNolan W. Carson, Esq.


 A Synopsis of the Port Necessity StoryRobert E. Davidson


 A Treatise of Military Discipline - 1753Musket Commands

Volume 3

1982Title - Preface 


 George Rogers Clark and the Revolution in the WestLowell H. Harrison


 Not Under OathEslie Asbury, .M.D.


 An Unlikely Set of CircumstancesDean Ernest G. Muntz

Volume 4

1985Title - Preface 


 The Battle of MiamivilleSteven Z. Starr, Esq.


 The Black HornetRobert M. Galbraith, Esq.


 Reminiscences of a Flight SurgeonFrank Welsh, M.D.

Volume 5

1988Title - Preface 


 Kentuckians I have Known or Heard AboutJohn C. Lee, Esq.


 The RavenLawson E. Whitesides, Esq.


 Lengthening Shadows
The Constitution Enters Its Third Century
Hon. John W. Peck

Volume 6

1992Title - Preface 


 100 Days in the GulfColonel George Franklin Welsh


 Every Freeman and Every Freeholder Should be a SoldierLieutenant Colonel Lowell E. Wenger


 Captain JohnFrank G. Davis, Esq.

Volume 7

2000Title - Preface 


 No French and Indian War, No American RevolutionJohn K. Alexander


 The Society of The CincinnatiFrederic C. Hirons


 Santa ElenaPierson R. Davis

Volume 8

2002Title - Preface 


 The Evolution of PiracyJonathan Lipps


 The Effects of the European Enlightenment on Early American Revolutionary Ideas and LiteratureMichael Koucky


 The Influence of Privateering on the Colony of RoanokeJulie Griff


 Abigail Adams: A Woman Ahead of Her TimeLeslie Messer


 The Chesapeake Bay: Colonies of Different Pasts, One FutureEmily Longenecker


 The Influence of the Great LawEllen Stedtefeld


 A Letter From Boston Laura Boesch


 Roger Williams and the Founding of Rhode IslandJonah Paul


 A Revolution is Just a Nice Name for "Rebellion"Ryan Long
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