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When you have received the Genealogist's approval, he will send application forms to you. Guidelines for preparation of the application are listed below

Checklist for the preparation of Membership Application Papers

The primary concern of a society; with strict genealogical requirements for membership must be the preservation for posterity of family so your observance of the following  requirements will be deeply appreciated and of mutual benefit,

  1. Please be sure that TWO original typewritten copies of the final application are submitted.

  2. Full names are to be given on first use and  where a name is repeated initials may be used.

  3. In every generation, beginning with and including that of the applicant,  references are required for all statements as to names, dates and places. YOU MUST INCLUDE THESE DOCUMENTRY PROOFS, OR PHOTOSTAT OR CERTIFIED COPIES THEREOF, WITH THE SUBMITTAL OF YOUR LINEAGE.

  4. The previous application of a father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin or any other male relative may not be used as a reference in itself, although any pertinent references to recognized authorities appearing thereon may be cited. The same rule applies to lineage papers of any relatives who are, or have been, members of other hereditary organizations.

  5. References must be:

    1. to recognized published authorities, with title, volume and page number cited, and/or 

    2. to privately printed family histories,  wills,  deeds,  "family" bible entries, tombstone inscriptions, newspapers or other periodical notices, census returns, birth, death, marriage or baptismal records from civil or church sources, etc.

  6. In the case of all except published authorities,  again duplicate photostatic or certified copies must be submitted.

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