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  1. You will need a Sponsor. This is a member of the Ohio Society of Colonial Wars who knows you personally. The Society of Colonial Wars values fellowhip, thus you are encouraged to apply for membership in the society of the State in which you reside. If you have found us on the internet and do not have a Proposer you may print out and send to the Membership Chairman a copy of the Preliminary Application, shown below on this web site. Our Membership Chairman will then direct you to an appropriate Proposer.

  2. Your sponsor will request a Preliminary Application of the Membership Chairman or Secretary and give or send it to you to fill out and return to the Membership Chairman, type in the required information, and mail it to John B. Mickam, Registrar, 690 Brae Burn Rd., Mansfield, Ohio, 44907. He will see that your Preliminary Application is brought before the next meeting of the State Council.

  3. If the Council approves your Preliminary Application (the Council may send it to the Genealogist for approval of the eligibility of your qualifying ancestor if the qualifying ancestor is unknown to the members of the Council), the following will occur:

    1. The Secretary will mail you 2 copies of the Final Application form, to the address provided on your Preliminary Application.

    2. Your sponsor will be notified.

    3. The Council will assign you to a status of "New Applicant" which you may hold for up to one year while you are preparing your Final Application. This will entitle you to receive all Ohio Society Mailings, and invitations for the duration of your 'New Applicant' period.

    4. The Council will assign one of its members to assist you and your sponsor with the preparation of your lineage. Professional Genealogical assistance is available if you so desire.

  4. When completed by you, BOTH copies of your Application for Membership are to be returned to John B. Mickam, Registrar, 690 Brae Burn Rd., Mansfield, Ohio, 44907. The Secretary will then notify the Council at the next scheduled meeting that we have received your paperwork and then will forward both copies to the Genealogist for approval of your lineage.

  5. Upon approval by the Genealogist, The Genealogist then returns both copies to the Secretary who assigns an Ohio Membership number and notifies the council that your paperwork is complete.

  6. Next the Secretary forwards one copy to the Registrar General for the General Society for their review, and assignment of a General Society Number.

  7. Upon receiving approval from the General Society and your General Society Number the Secretary will;

    1. Update the Ohio Copy with the General Society Number

    2. Update your status to Active Member, and

    3. See that the Ohio Copy is placed in the Ohio Society Vault.

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