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A member of the Society of Colonial Wars in another state wishing to transfer or hold dual membership with the Ohio Society is welcome to apply,

  1. All requests for transfer will be directed to John B. Mickam, Registrar, 690 Brae Burn Rd., Mansfield, Ohio, 44907. The Secretary will respond with a letter stating the following:

    1. Ohio Society is happy to receive transfer applicants,

    2. The requirements for a transfer applicant;

    1. A signed copy of his Application ( including General Society Number), as proof of membership

    2. A letter from an Officer of the State Society he is transferring from, stating that he is a member in good standing.

  2. At the next scheduled Ohio Society Council Meeting the Secretary will notify the Council of the transfer request. And the following will occur:

    1. The Council will assign you to a status of "New Applicant" which you may hold for up to one year while you are obtaining your paperwork.

    2. The Council will assign one of its members to assist you.

  3. Upon receiving the required paperwork, the Secretary will then;

    1. Notify the Council at the next scheduled meeting that we have received your paperwork

    2. Assign an Ohio Society number,

    3. Update your status to Active Member, and

    4. See that the Ohio Copy is placed in the Ohio Society Vault.

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